Covid cancellation insurance

Book your stay with peace of mind by taking out cancellation insurance.

This will allow you to be covered for a number of events, including those linked to the COVID.

The amount corresponds to 3% of the amount of your stay and must be paid when you make your reservation.

In case of cancellation before your stay

The cancellation insurance covers several cases before your stay, upon presentation of proof of cancellation. For example (non-exhaustive list, see all cancellation conditions :

  • serious illness, serious accident or death, including COVID illness, relapse, aggravation of a chronic or pre-existing illness, as well as the consequences or after-effects of an accident that occurred prior to taking out the policy, of yourself, your spouse (or declared cohabiting partner), your ascendants or descendants up to the 2nd degree, fathers-in-law, mothers-in-law, sisters, brothers, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law,
  • death of your uncle, aunt, nephews and nieces,
  • significant material damage to your own property that requires your presence,
  • redundancy or termination of contract by you or your spouse, provided that the procedure was not initiated prior to taking out the policy,
  • serious damage to your vehicle in the 48 working hours prior to the first day of the stay and insofar as it cannot be used to get to the place of stay,
  • obtaining employment as an employee for a period of more than 6 months taking effect before or during the planned dates of the stay, while you were registered as a job seeker with the Pôle Emploi on the day you registered for your stay,
  • complications due to pregnancy occurring before the 26th week of pregnancy,
  • your divorce or break-up of a civil partnership provided that the proceedings were brought before the courts after the holiday was booked,
  • deletion or modification of the dates of your paid holidays or those of your de facto or de jure spouse imposed by your employer for legitimate reasons or exceptional circumstances and officially agreed by the latter prior to booking the holiday. This guarantee does not apply to company directors, liberal professions, craftsmen and entertainment workers,
  • professional transfer requiring a move, imposed by your hierarchy, which has not been the subject of a request on your part and provided that the transfer was not known at the time of taking out the policy,
    COVID extension: case of COVID disease, quarantine following a positive COVID test, contact case, etc…

Consult the special COVID general conditions

You will be reimbursed for the amount paid minus the handling fee, the excess (amount set by the insurance company depending on the reason for cancellation) and the cancellation insurance premium.

In case of cancellation during your stay

If you are obliged to interrupt your stay for one of the above reasons, you will be reimbursed for the part of your stay not completed and already invoiced by our establishment.

Your steps to take in the event of a claim

1. Notify our establishment
of your withdrawal, delay or interruption :

  • by e-mail :
    (make sure that your e-mail is not in our junk mail folder by asking for the acknowledgement of receipt)
  • or by post :
    Camping le Moulin du Bleufond
    255 route de Valojoux
    24290 Montignac-Lascaux


2. Declare your claim :

+ Attach the required documents